Gary Hurley

Topsail April 2006

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Chris, at East Coast Sports, reports that they have been killing the sea mullet off of the piers. All piers have been reporting catches, and Sea View Pier has been hot at night off of the end. The piers have also been reporting a few puffers.
In the surf, they’re landing sea mullet as well. Guys have also picked up a few reds and a few blues.
Inside, there are a few reds by the dredge boat dock and some blues at the swing bridge. You can also find some reds by fishing up in the creeks.
Off the beach, boats have been finding some albacore and kings. There were kings caught at Cripple Rock on spoons, and a few wahoo came from the Swansboro Hole. And the gray trout have shown back up inshore at Diver’s Rock.
Further off, the yellowfins are out there if you can get to them. One of the best areas so far has been the Same Ole.
Capt. Jimmy, of Bad Attitude Charters, reports that wind has been a factor, but the bottom fishing is good when you can get out. He’s been starting at 25-30 miles off, and then working his way out to the 40-45 mile range. Most of the catch has been red grouper, and they have also been picking up a few triggers and a few beeliners. Most of this action came from 135-140’ of water on spanish sardines and boston mackerel.
Ricky Kellum, at Speckled Specialist Charters, reports an excellent spring for speckled trout fishing. The numbers of fish caught are usually much smaller in the spring, but the few that bite are usually good size. Several citations have been caught, with some over 5 lbs. The bite should continue the next few weeks as water temps rise.
Eric, at New River Marina, reports good amounts of sea mullet in the surf and channels on the inside. Black sea bass are nearshore, while the gulf stream is yielding kings, wahoo, and a few yellowfin tuna. A few flounder have made their way inshore but most have been small. Black drum can be found in the river, as well as a few reds. And speckled trout are being caught up river.
Willie, at Sea View Pier, reports that sea mullet is the main action. Mullets in the 1-1.5 pound range are the average. Go with cut shrimp, and hit the early morning or late in the afternoon.
Ed, at Surf City Pier, reports good catches of Virginia mullet when the surf is roughed up. Cut shrimp and artificial bloodworms are the bait of choice. Other than the mullet, some small spots, skates, and sharks are the catches as of late.