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Rapala Subwalk And X-Walk

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Rapala Subwalk

Continuing in their long tradition of innovative lure design, Rapala has introduced a pair of baits that should hold particular interest for local anglers targeting speckled trout, red drum, striped bass, and more.

The new X-Rap SubWalk carries all the action of walking topwater plugs with one notable exception—it runs below the surface. Available in two models, the Size 09 (a 5/8 oz. lure running 0-2’ deep) and the Size 15 (a 2 oz. bait running 0-4’ down), the SubWalk allows anglers to utilize the incredibly effective walk-the-dog technique in any situation. Since it runs just below the surface, the lure isn’t vulnerable to wind, chop, and rough water that can make a topwater plug go unnoticed by the fish below.

SubWalks sink very slowly when anglers pause their retrieve, allowing them to be stopped and dropped into likely looking pockets and ambush points.

The lures are available in 13 colors of the classic X-Rap finish, featuring prominent scales and a flashy internal holographic foil insert that will capture the eye of just about any predator that enjoys a fish meal. Holographic 3D eyes only enhance the illusion of a terrified baitfish.

The lure’s premium hardware includes a VMC Black Nickel belly treble hook and a VMC SureSet Flash Feather Teaser Tail treble that not only adds enticing flash and action to the bait, it features one outsized, wide gap hook that offers far more hooking and holding power than an ordinary treble.

The Size 09 SubWalks should carry great appeal for anglers chasing speckled trout, slot-sized drum, schoolie stripers, and virtually any other fish that feeds on 3-5” baitfish. The Size 15 offers anglers a brand new presentation for large predators like bull red drum, brutish striped bass, cobia, and offshore species.

Rapala X-Walk

Rapala’s other new offering is a topwater—the X-Walk. The lure features a very similar profile to Rapala’s ever popular Skitterwalk topwater, but with the holographic foil, finish, and eyes of the X-Rap baits. Like the SubWalk, it carries a VMC Black Nickel belly hook and a VMC SureSet Flash Feather Teaser Tail hook, and these are 4X models designed for large fish and the heavy drag settings often employed in situations where fish need to be put in the boat quickly, like competitive redfish angling.

The X-Walk also has a large and loud internal rattle, calling gamefish into visual range where the appeal of the holographic X-Rap finish takes over.

Like the SubWalk, the X-Walk is offered in two sizes, the 09 (3.5” and 9/16 oz.) and the 13 (5.25” and 1¼ oz.) to appeal to a broad variety of gamefish.

Both new X-Raps are available at a host of local tackle dealers, and anglers can learn more about the line by visiting