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Hatteras August 15, 2013

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John Bolyard, of Prince George, VA, and friends with a 47 lb. dolphin and a good catch of wahoo they landed while trolling off Hatteras Inlet on the “Longer Days” out of Teach’s Lair Marina.

Ryan, of Hatteras Jack, reports that anglers are seeing the speckled trout bite turn back on in the Pamlico Sound, with most of the fish feeding along seagrass flats behind Rodanthe. Soft plastic baits are tempting bites from the specks.

The soundside red drum bite slowed a bit last week due to dirty water, but it could turn back on at any time.

Surf casters are connecting with sea mullet, croaker, and other bottomfish in the local surf while baiting up with shrimp, sand fleas, and bloodworms. Some pompano are mixed in when the water cleans up.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish are also feeding within range of surf casters when anglers get clean water. Small metal jigs are fooling the blues and spaniards.

Sheepshead and tautog are looking for meals around the pilings of the Bonner Bridge. Anglers can tempt them to bite sand fleas or fiddler crabs dangled close to the pilings.

Anglers are also hooking some flounder in Oregon Inlet on live and strip baits.

Jamie, of Rodanthe Pier, reports that that anglers landed several cobia from the pier last weekend.

Some bluefish and a few spanish mackerel have been falling for metal lures that anglers are working from the pier.

Bottom fishermen are hooking spot, croaker, spadefish, triggerfish, and more.

Ginger, of Frank and Fran’s, reports that sea mullet, croaker, and smaller pompano have produced the majority of the action in the local surf lately, with shrimp and bloodworms tempting the bottom feeders to bite.

Some spanish mackerel and bluefish have also been feeding close enough to the beaches for anglers to hook them on metal casting jigs.

Speckled trout and puppy drum are feeding back in the sound, and they’re taking an interest in soft plastic baits.

Kyle, of Frisco Rod and Gun, reports that surf anglers on Hatteras Island’s southern beaches are connecting with some bluefish and spanish mackerel while quickly working metal jigs from the shoreline.

Bottom-fishing in the breakers is producing sea mullet, pompano, spot, and other bottom feeders. Shrimp, sand fleas, and bloodworms are getting the job done on the panfish.

Alan Koons with a cobia that bit a Gulp rainbow minnow in the Pamlico Sound while he was fishing with John Mortensen of JAM’s Adventures Kayak Fishing Guide Service.

Inshore boaters are reporting gray and speckled trout action while working soft plastic lures in the Pamlico Sound. There’s also been a solid puppy drum bite back in the sound.

Offshore, the summer wahoo bite continues. Some dolphin and blackfin tuna are also finding their way into the fish boxes, and boats are releasing good numbers of sailfish as well. Naked and skirted ballyhoo are fooling the majority of the offshore predators.

JAM, of Teach’s Lair Marina, reports that the offshore fleet is still connecting with solid numbers of wahoo (with many 40+ lb. citations). The bailer dolphin aren’t present in the numbers that anglers would expect for August, but some gaffers are still in the mix (including a 47 lb. fish weighed last week). Sailfish and some blackfin tuna are rounding out the blue water action. Most of the fish are falling for naked and skirted ballyhoo, but anglers are hooking some blackfins while vertical jigging.

Inshore, there’s still a solid spanish mackerel bite in the hook of Cape Point and in the ocean and sound around Hatteras Inlet. Most are falling for trolled spoons or metal casting jigs that anglers are working.

Fishing back in the sound is producing plenty of action with puppy drum, flounder, gray trout, and a few speckled trout. Scented soft plastic baits have been the best bet for all four species.

Surf casters are hooking sea mullet and a few pompano from the beachfront on shrimp and sand fleas. Puppy drum and decent numbers of flounder have been in the mix around Hatteras Inlet.

Jay, of Bite Me Charters, reports that anglers are connecting with some healthy wahoo off Hatteras Inlet right now, primarily while trolling ballyhoo but with a few falling for high-speed lures as well.

Some blackfin tuna and dolphin are also taking an interest in boats’ trolling spreads, and there have been decent numbers of sailfish around as well. Naked and skirted ballyhoo are fooling the tuna, dolphin, and sails.

Alan, of Tradewinds Tackle, reports that Ocracoke’s surf casters are finding action with spot, sea mullet, croaker, and some smaller bluefish. A few puppy drum and pompano are mixed in. Shrimp, sand fleas, and cut baits have been producing results from the beach.

The spanish mackerel bite has turned on in the Pamlico Sound around Ocracoke Inlet. Trolling spoons and casting metal jigs will tempt bites from the flounder.

There’s been decent action with larger red drum at night in the sound as well.

Anglers working artificials in the sound are connecting with scattered puppy drum, flounder, and bluefish.