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Cape Fear Performance Tees

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No longer does the image of a fisherman conjure to mind a hardy soul decked out in oilskins or canvas waders, as technological advancements in clothing have pushed them by the wayside. Soon, the cotton T-shirt may go the same way, since high-tech new fabric like those in Cape Fear Sportswear’s new MegaTech Performance Tees offer anglers (and other outdoors enthusiasts) a garment that not only beats cotton in comfort and looks, it offers a host of other benefits as well.

As many older anglers know too well, a lifetime spent in the glaring sunshine can have far more severe consequences than peeling skin and premature aging. Unlike cotton, Cape Fear’s new Megatech 100% microdenier polyester material offers anglers UV 50 sun protection, keeping harmful UV radiation off the sensitive skin of anglers’ upper bodies.

Exclusively offered in long-sleeve, the shirts protect everywhere from wrist to neck from those damaging rays, reducing the risk of not only sunburn, but skin cancers as well. The company also offers a hooded version that covers anglers’ necks and heads for the ultimate in sun protection.

The idea of wearing a long-sleeve shirt on a hot NC summer day may be off-putting to some at first, but wicking and cooling technology keeps the MegaTech Tees cooler than any short-sleeve in a traditional material.

The fabric is also stain-resistant, meaning they won’t turn into anyone’s blood-and-gut stained “lucky” fishing shirt any time soon. And an anti-microbial treatment means it won’t smell like one, either.

Made in the USA, Cape Fear’s MegaTech Tees are offered in five unisex sizes. Anglers can choose between Butter, White, Steel, Carribbean, and Mahi hues.

The Megatechs retail for $39.95, $49.95 for the hooded version. Check them out at local Cape Fear Sportswear dealers or visit to learn more or buy online.