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Moving to the NC coast created a conundrum for lifelong angler and FishNPack founder Randy McCormick. Unlike the Virginia trout waters he was used to, a multitude of potential targets inshore and along the beachfront required much more tackle and often a second rod, far more gear than he needed to walk the stream banks.

McCormick enjoyed walking along the beachfront to locate active fish, but found he couldn’t carry his gear, fish, and manage a second rod without sticking it down the back of his pants, an inelegant solution at best. Deciding that tugging a cart along wasn’t for him, and locating no suitable product in an exhaustive search of the internet and tackle and sporting goods stores, the angler decided to make his own product, and the Backbone Tackle System was born.

A virtually indestructible HDPE frame that bears a pair of rod holders on the outer sides, the Backbone can add rod storage to any backpack.

FishNPack’s new flagship product is the Top Predator, a bag designed entirely around the Backbone system to be the most functional backpack the foot-bound angler can find on the market. The system also includes binder rings and a trio of soft bait pouches that store flat and neatly against the Backbone.

The Top Predator features a pair of large, divided pockets in the main pack that easily accommodates large tackle-storage trays along with a pair of smaller outside pockets to organize items like pliers, knives, wallets, cell phones, and other things that don’t easily fit into a tackle tray. The pack includes a Flambeau 5007 Tackle box featuring recessed latches and Zerust dividers that keep anglers’ items corrosion free. And there’s plenty of room for two more of the boxes, enough storage to outfit even a gear hog’s day trip to the beach or backwaters.

Heavy-duty 600 denier polyester construction and rust-proof zippers ensure that the Top Predator will last under the harsh conditions that beach anglers’ gear must endure.

For anglers looking for a step up, FishNPack offers the Rothco Large Transport Pack, a military-style pack with more pockets and attachment points, retrofitted with the Backbone system. And for those who already have a favorite fishing pack, the Backbone system can be added to any other backpack.

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