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Product Review – Costa Rooster

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Costa’s Rooster sunglasses are named after the roosterfish, an elusive and highly sought after fish, and based around this idea, the glasses are made to increase your chances in searching down your own next big fish.

Side-cupped frames, a unique feature of these glasses, help to fight off the glare from the water. This can also help with eye fatigue, straining, and squinting. Each side frame is vented with three small circles, allowing air to flow behind the lenses and reducing the typical fogging that can occur when sweating or with temperature fluctuations.


The glasses also feature holes at the end of the arms of the glasses, so that straps can be quickly clipped to them, giving anglers an option besides straps that slide on.

A non-slip tread on the glasses, included on the arms and across the nose bridge, add another level of security to the glasses.

These features helped the Rooster frames win the 2015 ICAST Best of Show award.

The glasses are offered with all of the usual Costa features, including the patented 580 lens technology, offered in five different colors in both plastic and glass. The 580 technology features superior clarity, and all lenses are 100% polarized, to kill glare and reduce eye strain, and 100% UV protected, for maximum eye protection. The glass lenses offer encapsulated mirrors, and the plastic lenses are impact and scratch resistant.

The frames are built by hand, include hard case, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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