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Product Review – Engel Coolers

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Engel’s 35-quart cooler is the perfect cooler for the angler with a smaller boat, or for any outdoor enthusiast that may be looking for a travel cooler for their vehicle. Holding up to 40 lbs. of ice, or 42 cans, it’s a great mid-size cooler for whatever purposes arise.

At 23 lbs., the cooler is light enough for easy movement, and the exterior dimensions (25.25″ x 14.5″ x 15.25”) make it convenient to fit in a myriad of spaces on the boat, in the truck, or whatever space you need a cooler to fit.


Outside, the cooler has a TruHold non-skid lid, allowing for greater traction, stability, and strength for standing. And if you like to accessorize, non-skid cooler pads are available to add even more grip.

DuoLock security holes allow for the cooler to be padlocked twice, preventing entry from animals or otherwise. And Engel’s non-skid, non-marking Cornerstone Feet keep the cooler firmly in place, and does so without leaving any marks behind on the deck of a boat.

Inside, the cooler sports an ArcticVault gasket. This gasket, unique to Engel, utilizes a freezer-style, food-grade silicone gasket that keeps the lid sealed better than other coolers. In fact, the seal is airtight. Then the I-BEAM lid inserts allow for maximum weight-bearing strength and prevent the lid from warping.

The entire cooler is made of a SingleForm HardShell polyethelene shell. It’s easy to clean, and made from a food-grade plastic that also resists stains. Engel coolers also offer tie-down points to prevent theft, and a one-twist drain plug.

The 35-quart cooler retails for $269.99, and is available in white, tan, haze grey, and camo. For more information, visit the Engel website at