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Hatteras – November 16, 2017

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Ryan, of Hatteras Jack, reports that surf fishing has fired up and anglers have landed a variety of species. There have been high numbers of speckled trout and red drum landed. Both the trout and the drum have fallen for a mix of artificial lures and cut baits.

Sea mullet, black drum, bluefish, flounder, and pompano are also feeding well in the suds. A mix of cut mullet, fresh shrimp, and bloodworms has been getting the job done.

Fishing in the Pamlico Sound around the beaches has slowed down some, but a few fish are still being landed. Redfish and speckled trout have been holding in the marsh and on the flats. A mix of soft plastics and live baits have worked best.


Debbie, of Rodanthe Pier, reports that red drum fishing in the surf has been excellent. Anglers are landing fish from 20-40” on cut mullet.

A mix of bluefish, black drum, blowfish, sea mullet, croaker, and spot have also been landed in the suds. Cut shrimp and bloodworms have produced best.


Ginger, of Frank and Fran’s, reports that anglers hitting the surf zone have been rewarded with a variety of fish. Red drum, speckled trout, pompano, bluefish, and citation-sized sea mullet have been landed. Fresh cut mullet, cut shrimp, and bloodworms have been the baits of choice.


Pam Fisher with a big red drum that ate a piece of cut bait. She caught and released the redfish in the Ocracoke surf.


Kirstin, of Avon Pier, reports that speckled trout fishing has picked up from the pier. Anglers are also catching sea mullet, bluefish, blowfish, flounder, and spot. Fresh cut mullet, cut shrimp, and bloodworms have been the best baits.


Teri, of Frisco Tackle, reports that red drum fishing has been great in the surf. Anglers have landed good numbers of fish on fresh cut mullet.

Blowfish, sea mullet, and bluefish have also fed well in the suds. Cut shrimp has been the go-to bait for these species.


JAM, of Teach’s Lair, reports that offshore fishing has been steady. Anglers have landed good numbers of wahoo when trolling, and those bottom fishing have hooked triggerfish, beeliners, grouper, and black sea bass.

Inshore fishing has been hit and miss, but a few puppy drum and large drum are still hanging around. Fresh cut mullet has been the bait of choice for the drum.

Those targeting the surf have found decent numbers of speckled trout making their way into the suds. Casting soft plastics from the shore has produced more short fish, but a few keeper-sized trout, too.


Aaron, of Tightline Charters, reports that drum in the 18-27” range have been schooled up in the shallows. Those tossing spoons and soft plastics have found plenty of action.

Speckled trout fishing has picked up with the cooling water temperature. Anglers have found the most success tossing soft plastics around the marsh and flats. A few flounder have also been picked up while trout fishing.

Just off the beach, bluefish and false albacore have been schooled up. Anglers casting metal jigs to busting fish have found the most success.


Jay, of Bite Me Sportfishing, reports that wahoo fishing remains steady offshore. Anglers have found some good action with blackfin tuna as well, and a few sailfish are still hanging around the area.

Those dropping to the bottom have landed good numbers of triggerfish and a few amberjacks.


Bill, of Predator Sport Fishing, reports that the wahoo bite has been strong. Anglers have found plenty of action while trolling. Good numbers of yellowfin tuna have arrived and are also being landed when trolling. A few sailfish are in the area, too.

Kings have continued to feed well and have taken a mix of live and dead baits. Good numbers of false albacore are around as well.

Dropping to the bottom has produced good numbers of black sea bass.


Jimmy, of Tradewinds Bait and Tackle, reports that surf fishing for red drum has been on fire. Anglers fishing with fresh cut mullet have landed plenty of drum from 20-40”. A few pompano have also been landed in the suds.

In the sound, the red drum bite has remained steady. Anglers have landed fish on a mix of cut baits and artificial lures.