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Morehead City – November 16, 2017

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Matt, of Chasin’ Tails Outdoors, reports that anglers fishing from the piers have found excellent king mackerel action. A few spanish and bluefish are still being landed when casting Gotcha plugs. Those looking for fish for the table have landed spot, sea mullet, red drum, and black drum. Cut shrimp and bloodworms have worked well.

Anglers fishing from the surf have found a solid red drum and speckled trout bite on artificial lures. Z-Man and Gulp plastics, as well as MirrOlures, have been getting the job done.

Inshore, the redfish and speckled trout bite remains solid around the local hotspots like the Haystacks, Core Creek, Bogue Sound, and the jetties. Live shrimp and mud minnows under float rigs have worked best, but any array of artificial lures (like Z-Man plastics and MirrOlures) have also worked well.

A few flounder are still hanging around inshore. The port wall and area bridges have produced best, and live mud minnows and finger mullet on Carolina rigs have been the baits of choice.

The nearshore king bite remains steady. Slow trolling live baits around nearshore structure has been the best way to land good numbers of quality fish, but dead cigar minnows rigged on dead bait rigs have gotten the job done as well. Spanish, bluefish, and false albacore have been schooled up just off the beach. Casting jigs to busting fish, as well as behind the trawlers, has worked best.

Offshore, the wahoo bite remains steady. Anglers have landed good numbers of fish in the 50-60 lb. range, and a few larger fish as well. Sailfish and blackfin tuna have also been in the mix. Most of the action has been around the Big Rock area.

Those dropping to the bottom have landed good numbers of triggerfish, grouper, and snapper.


Alan Eatman, of Garner, NC, with a 78 lb. wahoo caught trolling a live menhaden 10 miles off of Atlantic Beach in 65′ of water. He was fishing with Tony Hewett, of Garner, NC, and Thor Coole, of Newport, NC. The wahoo put up a 45 minute fight before exhausting and was weighed in at Chasin’ Tails Outdoors.


Paul, of Freeman’s Bait and Tackle, reports that surf fishing has picked up and anglers are landing plenty of red drum. Fresh cut mullet has been the ticket to hooking the reds. Black drum, spot, and blues have also fed well in the suds. A mix of cut shrimp and bloodworms has gotten the job done.

The speckled trout bite has picked up inshore. The Haystacks area has produced good numbers of keeper-sized fish. Live shrimp under float rigs has been the bait of choice.

Nearshore, there has been plenty of false albacore to keep anglers busy. Casting metal jigs to busting fish or trolling Clarkspoons has worked best.

Offshore, the king bite remains solid. Trolling both dead and live baits has produced good numbers of fish. A few blackfin tuna are also in the mix when trolling.


Justin, of Breakday Charters, reports that king fishing remains solid just off the beach. Both live baits and dead baits have worked well, but live baits have attracted the larger fish. Focusing efforts in 60’+ of water has been the key to finding good numbers of kings.

Those dropping live mullet or bucktails on the artificial reefs have found a few flounder. Breakday Bucktails tipped with Z-Man plastics have been the key to drawing good numbers of strikes.

False albacore are still schooled up and feeding well along the beaches. Anglers have found that casting metal jigs to busting fish and fishing behind the trawlers have both produced the most fish.

Inshore, speckled trout fishing has heated up. The majority of the trout have fallen for Trout Tricks and Vudu shrimp. A few flounder have been mixed in with the trout.


Chris, of Mount Maker Charters, reports that off the beach in 70-130′ of water, the fishing has been solid. Kings have been landed when slow trolling live baits. When dropping to the bottom, anglers have found grouper, triggerfish, and amberjacks on live baits and cut squid.

Inshore, there are speckled trout, redfish, and black drum all feeding well. Live shrimp and Z-Man plastics fished along the waterway marsh banks and dock structure have produced the most action.

A few flounder are still hanging around the port area. Live mullet fished on a Carolina rig has been the best tactic.


Thomas, of Dancin’ Outlaw, reports that in the 30 fathom range, the wahoo and sailfish bite remains strong.

Those dropping to the bottom have continued to find a solid triggerfish bite. Most fish have been landed just south of the Big Rock area.


Salvador Gonzales with a 33 lb. blackfin tuna that struck a live porgy in 75′ of water. He was fishing with Capt. Chris Kimrey of Mount Maker Charters.


Larry, of Oceanana Pier, reports that plenty of red drum are being landed from the pier. A mix of slot-sized fish and 40”+ fish have been hooked on fresh cut mullet.

A few speckled trout and pompano are in the mix as well. Most fish have bit cut shrimp or bloodworms.