Fish Post

Northern Beaches – April 27, 2017

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Betty, of TW’s Bait and Tackle, reports that the old drum are being caught on the Point in the evening hours (after midnight). Over 25 citation drum have been recorded in the past week.

Bluefish are also being caught in the area, with fish up to 8 lbs. reported. The area hasn’t experienced a big run of blues like this in a while, and anglers can look for them on the north beaches around Ramp 4, as well as along south Nags Head.

Those soaking bottom rigs are connecting with sea mullet and blowtoads. Buxton area anglers have connected with a few flounder along with the mullet.

Pier anglers, as well as those nearshore, have landed false albacore.

Anglers fishing around the Little Bridge have hooked stripers as well as keeper speckled trout. A few black drum have also been caught.

Offshore, boats are returning with their limits of yellowfin tuna, and a 40 lb. wahoo was recently reported. Mahi are also returning to area waters, with both gaffer and bailer-sized fish being landed.

Larry Newton, of Fredericksburg, VA, with a bluefish caught on cut mullet just north of Rodanthe Pier.

Denise, of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, reports that boats are returning with yellowfins, and some of the boats are limiting out. Dolphin have returned to the area, with both gaffer and bailer fish brought back to the docks.

Nearshore, boats are connecting with false albacore.

Inshore, anglers are catching trout, bluefish, stripers, flounder, and red drum.


Tammy, of Pirate’s Cove Marina, reports that the offshore boats are returning with yellowfin tuna and mahi, though most of the mahi are just bailer-sized as of yet.

Those fishing the inlet have returned with speckled trout, some small striped bass, and puppy drum.

Andrew Whitaker, of Carthage, with a 27” red drum. The fish bit cut mullet, and was caught and released in the surf of Rodanthe.

Helen, of Jennette’s Pier, reports that anglers using lures off the pier are connecting with the big bluefish. Those dropping to the bottom with rigs are catching pufferfish, croakers, and whiting, and the best tactic has been using Gulp or artificials like Fishbites in shrimp and sand flea flavor.

If using cut bait like shrimp or squid, anglers can likely catch a skate or ray.


John, of Nags Head Pier, reports that anglers have enjoyed a run of bluefish. The sea mullet bite has also been great over the past week, and anglers have caught pufferfish and the occasional puppy drum, too.


Aaron, of Carolina Sunrise, reports that chopper bluefish are in the area, and anglers can find action with them using topwater plugs. Speckled trout are being caught on popping corks and jigs.

The cobia have just started to show up in Hatteras, mixed in with schools of bull reds, so it’s just a matter of time before they reach the area in numbers. Use live bait and bucktail jigs to sight cast to the fish when they move in. Meat Hog fishing jigs are the preferred bucktail to use for the cobia.


Robert, of Bob’s Bait and Tackle, reports anglers are catching croaker and whiting on bloodworms and pufferfish on shrimp.

Those looking for drum and bluefish should throw cut bait (like mullet), and using lead heads with Gulp should connect anglers with the speckled trout in the area.


Keith, of Corolla Bait and Tackle, reports that anglers on the northern beaches are seeing action from sea mullet, small bluefish, trout, blowtoads, and the occasional puppy drum. The preferred baits are bloodworms and cut bait for those looking to connect with fish in the surf.