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Grundens Deck-Boss Boot

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While an array of Xtratuf’s offerings have recently replaced the white shrimp boot, or “Sneads Ferry Sneakers”, in most anglers’ choice of footwear, a new boot has arrived in the fishing world. Grundens, the authority in makers of foul weather gear, has introduced their Deck-Boss boot into the market.

Expanding upon other manufacturers’ importance on durability and comfort, the new Grundens boots offer some overlooked features of other standard deck boots.

While most full-length 15” boots can be uncomfortable and unwieldy, Grundens’ unique blend of PVC and neoprene allow for the height of these boots to be folded down to the desired height the angler chooses, depending on the applicable situation.



They also feature built in silicone bands, allowing for bibs, pants, and other outer gear to be firmly attached to the outside of the boot, resulting in a much drier and hopefully more amicable angler.

In the same regard to dryness, Grundens has developed a functional dryness into the soles of these boots. With the same concept as a bilge in a boat, the comfortable gel soles are built into a bottom that is raised and contains scuppers to allow moisture to run away rather than accumulate in the boot.

This same design allows for increased breathability while maximizing warmth.

The new Deck-Boss is also compatible with most aftermarket gel-soles, allowing the consumer to achieve sneaker-like comfortability in a marine grade boot. The result is a boot that provides dryness, flexibility, and comfort without sacrificing the durability required in marine environments.