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Penn International VI Reels

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Long considered the industry standard in regards to offshore trolling reels, the Penn International Gold series for years has been, as the name suggests, the “gold standard” in offshore fishing tackle.

While bulletproof, the old, heavy standards have recently lost market share to newer, lighter, and more user-friendly options from other manufacturers. The new and improved Penn International VI reels address all of these industry improvements, while retaining their legendary durability.

This new Penn International series features a completely new frame design, which while retaining the same strength, also reduces their weight by 25%.



The new double-dog anti-reverse is silent, a feature not previously available in larger offshore reels. In addition, stainless steel main and pinion gears are coupled with a drag clutch that features two free-spool settings, allowing for reduced backlash when running baits up the outriggers while maximizing free-spool on dropbacks.

The new Penn Internationals are available in all the sizes that anglers were accustomed to in the past, from 30W to 130.

A vast improvement across the line, the Penn International VI reels are no longer the dinosaurs they were merely months ago.