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Product Review – Costa Whitetip and Blackfin

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Costa Sunglasses has released two new products for the 2017 season.

The Whitetip, named after the fearless and curious shark with migratory habits that take it to warm tropic waters, are designed to be the perfect medium-sized glasses for the flats.

The lenses are 100% polarized and block 100% of UV rays. The C-Wall coating on the lens forces water to bead up and roll off, helping them to be almost smudge-free, as well as scratch resistant.

Along with resisting water, the frames have a rubber-like material on the nose and temple pads, called Hydrolite, which keeps the frames securely on your face regardless of sweat.

These glasses are also environmentally friendly, made of a reclaimed castor oil which Costa has called Bioresin. The frame features gripper temple holes and a vented front to allow air flow. Modeled after the success of other similar frames, the Whitetips are lightweight and perfect for medium-sized faces.

The Blackfin frames offer clarity and comfort to the angler looking for an all-around pair of glasses. The frames are 100% polarized, flexible, and contain a Hydrolite co-injected lining. These glasses are also available in the new 2017 Costa lens, Silver Sunrise Mirror. This lens is perfect for lowlight conditions and cloudy days, and allows for a high polarization efficiency not available to other lowlight lenses on the market.

Both pairs of glasses are offered with all of the usual Costa features, including the patented 580 lens technology, in five different colors in both plastic and glass and featuring superior clarity. The glass lenses offer encapsulated mirrors, while the plastic lenses are impact and scratch resistant.

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