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Costa Untangled Collection

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The importance of a good pair of polarized sunglasses is fairly common knowledge among most saltwater anglers. They protect our eyes from UV rays, reduce glare, and increase and enhance our underwater vision.

In some cases, they even make us look cool.

Costa Del Mar has not only been the top manufacturer in the outdoor sunglasses market for several years, they have also been key players in return initiatives to maintain and conserve our environment.

This year, Costa has launched their “Untangled” collection of sunglasses, in a strong effort to reduce pollution, clean up our waters, and reuse the pollution itself.

After last year’s successful collaboration with Ocearch, Costa has teamed up with Bureo, a company that contacts commercial fishermen both domestic and abroad to collect their used fishing nets. They also collect used netting that is donated from cleanup efforts of fishermen and beach goers.

Instead of worn out, destroyed, or unwanted fishing gear either going to the landfill or finding its way into the ocean, the collected nylon gear is repurposed into plastic pellets. These plastic pellets can be shipped to other manufacturers and used to make all kinds of composite products.

Costa is using these pellets to make sunglass frames in their new Untangled series. Four different frame styles comprise the line, including one ladies’ frame. These frames are a matte charcoal color, one that Costa decided not to change so as to differentiate these repurposed ones from the standard Costa frames.

Several lens options are available, from standard gray to green and blue mirror options.

These new and fresh options from Costa are sure to be a hit, and the Untangled line supports a great cause. The Untangled series is available at most Costa Del Mar dealers starting June 1.

See more fish, look cooler, and untangle the ocean all at once–what’s not to love?