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Morada Cast Nets

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Betts cast nets have been a local favorite due to their durability and fair pricing.  (It also doesn’t hurt that Mr. Betts himself resides in North Carolina and is one of the nicest men you could meet…)  The most common complaint of tournament live bait anglers has been that they don’t throw as well as some other premium cast nets, a side-effect in their quest to make the most durable cast net.  Betts is releasing the Morada line of cast nets in 2017; a Florida-style premium cast net that exceeds any standards set in the market.

“We would’ve had this line of nets available sooner, however we kept thinking of ways to make a better net from extensive angler input with each prototype we made,” Mr. Don Betts reassured to me at a recent tackle show.  I thought to myself, “How much can go into making a cast net?”  Mr. Betts’ subsequently showed me that the features of an ultra premium net are far more complex than throwing them.

All Morada nets are six-panel nets, allowing an extra 6” of material to be sewn into the pattern resulting in larger spreads per diameter.  Perfectly spaced marble lead weights insure tangling will not be any issue, and at 1.6lb/ft, these nets are very fast sinking.  The lead line itself is knotted and crimped, as well as interwoven at stress points with a secondary lead line, resulting in a net that opens properly without sacrificing the durability Betts’ name relies on. Durability is also increased at the top and bottom of the net, where the horn and lead line  are attached to the netting via a 3-layer woven double-selvage, resulting in 3X strength and 2X stretch at all the pressure points most cast nets begin to fail.  The horn itself is open and bypasses the swivel, allowing easy loading and free braile line movement while being thrown, allowing the angler to achieve a full spread with less effort.  The braile lines (the thicker lines that close the net connecting the horn and lead line) are not only perfectly spaced, they are also divided with tubing resulting in a tangle-free braile system.

That’s a lot of features.  However, what impressed me the most is the netting material itself.  Made from premium high-end monofilament, the Morada nets are the softest and most supple out-of-the-box nets I have ever thrown.  The soft feel reminds me of some of the most premium brands and even a few of the custom cast nets I have, however when Mr. Betts allowed me to pull on the webbing I could not pop a single knot.  The material is so supple, when coiling the 12’ model up twice along with the rope, I could close my hand with ease.  In fact, loading the 12-footer felt like I was holding the material of an 8’ model.  First throw resulted in a pancake with ease (yes, even for myself!)

Mr. Betts truly has thought of it all and addressed all the issues of cast nets with this new Morada line.  Available in 8, 10 and 12 foot diameters in mesh sizes from ¼” to 1”, there is a model of the perfect cast net for every angler from Key West to Cape Cod.


Article Featuring Arlen Ash

Arlen Ash is an avid angler from Wilmington, NC, and manager of Intracoastal Angler. From tackle shops to manufacturer sales reps, he’s been in the tackle business since 2006, and his resume includes assisting several manufacturers with new product developments over the years.