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When you’re standing on your feet all day and fishing, you need to have as much strain taken off of you as possible in order to maximize comfort and make the most of your angling experience. Sometimes, having a place to rest the butt of your pole is all that you really need to take your day of fishing to the next level. That’s where the Pole Daddy comes in.

The Pole Daddy is designed to be worn around the waist like a belt and is comprised of three main parts—a blue polypropylene pouch that is designed to comfortably hold the butt of a fishing pole, a nylon strap that adjusts to fit any size between 24-52”, and an attached nylon drink holder that’s big enough to hold a can in a coozie or a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

The stitching is solid and the soft plastic pouch durable enough to withstand the elements while simultaneously remaining lightweight. The Pole Daddy will mold to your body as you sit, stand, bend over, or vigorously reel your fish in, and it doesn’t inhibit your range of motion like some of the other wearable fishing gear on the market.

For instance, the drain holes in the bottom of the pouch ensure that an errant wave won’t load you up with water, and the drink holder is big enough for a coozie but not flimsy enough to result in you losing your drink if you don’t have one. The nylon strap allows you to attach a sheath to your side, and you can easily loop a rag over it as well.

The lip of the pouch is not inhibitive to your success, either. You can rest and remove the butt of your pole without getting caught on anything so that you can quickly and efficiently place your pole exactly where it needs to be at any given moment. The location of the pouch on your waist makes the movement feel natural, and the materials prevent any uncomfortable rubbing or chafing.

This is a very important point, because similar products on the market are designed strictly for holding the pole without much thought given to the fact that doing so needs to be comfortable and safe. You won’t go home with a rash, and you won’t accidentally jab yourself with the butt of your pole or find yourself missing a loop when quickly trying to set the hook and get a fish in.

You can be reeling in a shark from the surf or a mullet from the pier and feel how conducive the pouch is to comfort—just that little bit of support goes a long way in giving you the power and control needed to bring in any fish that you’re targeting.

That’s really the main advantage that the Pole Daddy brings to your fishing experience: freedom. Whether you’re standing on the bank of a creek, at the bow of a boat, knee deep in the surf, or at the end of a pier, you’re doing more with your hands when fishing than just casting your line and reeling it back in.

You need to have easy access to your knife, a rag, pliers, and, of course, the cold beer or soda that you’re drinking, and the Pole Daddy gives you a comfortable place to rest the end of your pole to relieve the strain on your muscles and joints while simultaneously allowing you the freedom of movement to use your stabilizing hand for other things.

It can also be used to help smaller kids who are still building muscle by giving them an extra bit of strength when they’re fighting their first fish!

The Pole Daddy is reasonably priced at $24.95 and can be found at the Outer Banks Fishing Pier, Fishing Unlimited Tackle, the Avon Pier, and a handful of other brick and mortar locations on the NC coast. It can also be purchased at and shipped right to your doorstep for just a $5 shipping fee.

Whether you get it online or in person, though, the price tag is easily justified after just one fishing trip where you end the day with less pain in your joints and muscles. Check out the Pole Daddy for yourself and find out why it’s one of the best products you can buy this season.


Article Featuring Arlen Ash

Arlen Ash is an avid angler from Wilmington, NC, and manager of Intracoastal Angler. From tackle shops to manufacturer sales reps, he’s been in the tackle business since 2006, and his resume includes assisting several manufacturers with new product developments over the years.