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Product Reviews – First Flight Lures

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The state of North Carolina is home to a plethora of fishing tackle manufacturers, most certainly a result of our strong angling communities and fisheries. To name a few, Fathom, Sea Striker, and Blue Water Candy have become not only nationally-known brands, but major players in the fishing tackle industry.
A new company, First Flight Lures, is a hopeful startup in our backyard looking to join the club.
Based out of Rocky Point, NC, First Flight Lures was created earlier this year by local fireman and avid fisherman Gene Holland. Having tied his own lures and jigs for several years, Holland ventured into business with a mission to provide anglers up and down the coast with high quality, hand-tied jigs.
Each lure is comprised of premium power paint, quality hooks, and the best hair and silicone available. Top of the line components are then coupled with meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in some of the finest jigs to hit the shelves.
As an example of Holland’s attention to detail, each jig is tied with high-strength thread, and then a coating of epoxy resin is applied over the tie section. The resulting lures are not only flawless and gorgeous, but also significantly more durable than many “over-the-counter” jigs.
For now, First Flight’s product line is mainly comprised of bucktails, cobia jigs, and pompano jigs. A wide array of color options are available—all of which are proven and time-tested patterns specific to each fishery.
Each cobia jig features a combination of bucktail, feather, and/or silicone, producing a cobia jig that is as effective naked as it is with a soft plastic trailer.
Even the smaller pompano jigs receive the same artistry, with head color patterns that are as close to a sand flea as possible, and he uses mylar on a similarly-shaped head to create a spanish mackerel jig that resembles a glass minnow.
Holland has the black drum and sheepshead anglers covered as well. Using a football-shaped head with an Owner live bait hook, First Flight Lures offers a live bait jig with a free-swinging hook.This product snags far less than a Carolina rig and makes it easier for the angler to detect bites.
Holland takes pride in making lures for the fishermen themselves, and not just something that will turn on the retail shelf. With this open-eared approach to the consumer, along with the quality of the product, First Flight Lures is sure to become a new player in tackle stores and on the water.
Available at several local retailers, First Flight Lures are a must see for every angler on the North Carolina coast. More information on the complete line of products can be found online at