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Product Reviews – Shimano Torium PGA

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Since its redesign a few years ago, Shimano’s Torium series has been the most popular star drag along the entire east coast. In upgrading its predecessor by adding carbon-fiber drag washers and an extra anti-reverse dog, Shimano created a durable yet affordable reel adequate for a wide array of saltwater applications.
While the larger 30 size is the perfect live bait reel for sailfish, kings, and dolphin, the smaller sizes are capable—yet a compromise—when it comes to bottom fishing and jigging. This year, Shimano addressed this compromise by adding “PGA” models to the existing Torium lineup.
While putting out a necessary 24 lbs. of drag, Torium’s 6.2:1 gear ratio is on the fast side for bottom and jigging applications. Designed for live bait fishing, the high gear ratio allows anglers to recover a lot of line with ease and minimal cranking, which is necessary when catching up to a greyhounding sailfish or chasing down that tourney-winning king.
In turn, the higher gear ratio reduces torque and cranking power, which is of utmost importance for keeping a grouper out of the rocks or trying to turn large tuna and jacks. In the PGA models, the gear ratio has been reduced to 4.6:1, with exactly this needed muscle advantage in mind.
Even under the stress and strain of 20+ lbs. of drag and a fully bent rod, anglers can turn the handle on the PGA and recover line much easier. Lowering the gear ratio also increases the size of the teeth on the pinion gear by design, and this increases the durability and longevity of the reel over several seasons of cranking under extreme load.
The Torium PGAs also feature an elongated handle arm with an ergonomic power handle, effectively making this reel a boat winch.
The smaller 16 size features a very narrow spool, reducing the need for guiding line while jigging throughout the water column.
The 20 size is perfect for bottom fishing with braided lines, as it offers a bit more line capacity to jigging anglers targeting bigger tuna or fishing in deeper waters.
The 30 size is fairly wide and provides a perfect option for anglers that use mono or fish on head boats that don’t allow braided lines.
At a retail of $229.99, the Shimano Torium PGA is a perfect reel for anyone who fishes for grouper, snapper, and tuna. They’re available at local Shimano tackle retailers, or for more information and specifications, visit