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Northern Beaches – August 1, 2019

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Betty, of TW’s Bait and Tackle, reports that surf anglers have been catching sea mullet, croakers, and pufferfish with shrimp under a bottom rig. A few flounder are hitting soft plastics fished in holes just off the beach.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish are being caught with casting jigs, and most of the action is focused on Carova area beaches.

Nearshore anglers have been catching ribbonfish, bluefish, and limits of good-sized spanish mackerel while trolling Clarkspoons.

The speckled trout bite has been spectacular in the sound, with large fish (up to 4 lbs.) being caught with soft plastics and live baits under corks. Red drum are mixed in, and they’re hitting the same baits. Flounder (up to 18”) are hitting Carolina-rigged live baits around inshore drop-offs.

Offshore anglers are finding a good mix of yellowfins, bigeyes, wahoo, and mahi while pulling skirted ballyhoo.


Bridgette, of Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, reports that tuna fishing has been good, with a mix of yellowfins, blackfins, and large bigeye tuna (up to 110 lbs.) being caught out in the Stream.

Wahoo made a nice showing this week, with nice-sized fish (up to 40 lbs.) mixed in.

Anglers in the deeper waters have caught a few sailfish that decided to crash the spread.

Bottom fishing has been producing tilefish and triggerfish.

Mahi are scattered, as a result of the water temperatures being high this time of the season. On some days boats are only finding a few fish, and then the next day, they’re finding limits.

Nearshore anglers are reporting limits of spanish mackerel and bluefish while trolling spoons just off the beach. A few ribbonfish and false albacore have been mixed in.

Anglers around the inlet have found a few schools of citation-class red drum, and they’re getting hookups via sight-casting.

In the inlet, sheepshead are being caught with live urchins and fiddler crabs around bridge pilings, and citation-sized flounder are hitting live baits fished on the bottom.

Large numbers of speckled trout are being caught with live and soft plastic baits. Slot-sized red drum are mixed in with the trout, and they’re hitting the same baits.

Bottom fishing with shrimp in deeper channels and holes has been producing large sea mullet.

Quentin Turko with a 16.8 lb. sheepshead he weighed in at TW’s Bait and Tackle. The fish was speared in the northern Outer Banks.

Aaron, of Carolina Sunrise Charters, reports that large speckled trout have been biting well in the sound. Fishing deeper holes along grass banks with soft plastics under a popping cork has been the most successful tactic.

Legal-sized flounder are being caught with Carolina-rigged live baits and soft plastics bounced along the bottom.

Limits of spanish mackerel are hitting Clarkspoons and casting jigs worked around feeding schools just off the beach.

Some citation-sized red drum are being landed by anglers sight-casting outside the inlet.


Gerry, of Fishing Unlimited, reports that good numbers of speckled trout are being caught on Gulp soft plastics, with the early and late hours being most successful.

A few flounder are hitting soft plastics worked along the bottom. Carolina-rigged live baits are successful in getting bites as well.

Black drum are being caught with shrimp fished on bottom rigs.


Laurie, of Pirate’s Cove Marina, reports that tuna fishing picked up, with yellowfin, bigeye, and blackfin tuna all hitting the dock.

Billfishing has been steady, with anglers releasing sailfish and blue and white marlin.

The mahi bite has been scattered, as the fish are spread out into shallower waters, and wahoo are mixed in.

Nearshore anglers are catching spanish mackerel, ribbonfish, and bluefish in areas from the inlet out to three miles.

Citation-sized red drum are still schooled up off the beach, with a few being caught while sight-casting bucktails.

Inshore anglers are catching speckled trout and bluefish in deeper holes and ledges up towards Wanchese.

Red drum are feeding on flats around the inlet, and they’re hitting soft plastics.


Andy, of Nags Head Pier, reports that anglers using shrimp on bottom rigs are finding spadefish, sea mullet, and sheepshead.

Bluefish are being caught on bottom-rigged baits and Gotcha plugs. Some nice-sized spanish mackerel are mixed in with the schools of blues.


Laura, of Jennette’s Pier, reports that bottom fishing anglers have seen a huge variety of fish, with pigfish, spot, pinfish, black sea bass, pufferfish, and sea mullet all being caught. Shrimp, bloodworms, and Fishbites bait strips have all been contributing to the mix of fish.

Spadefish, triggerfish, and large sheepshead are coming over the rails by anglers fishing baits tight to the pilings.

Flounder (up to 15”) are hitting baits fished on the bottom closer to the beach.

Bluefish and spanish mackerel schools are feeding on the surface. They’re hitting Gotcha plugs worked along the edges.

A few smaller speckled trout are being hooked with bottom-rigged shrimp.


Justin, of Avalon Pier, reports that anglers fishing shrimp near the pier pilings have been catching nice spadefish and triggerfish.

Large sea mullet are hitting the same baits, though most are a little off the pier.

A few pompano are being caught while casting sand fleas in holes just past the breakers.

Spanish mackerel are breezing past the pier and hitting Gotcha plugs.

A few small cobia have been hooked by anglers fishing off the end.


John, of Bob’s Bait and Tackle, reports that a mix of croaker, sea mullet, spot, and speckled trout are being caught from the surf with shrimp and Fishbites strips soaking on the bottom. Soft plastics have produced some legal-sized flounder.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish are hitting glass minnow jigs when the schools have come within casting range. Most often, this has been occurring in the early and late hours.

Sound-side anglers have been catching large speckled trout (up to 4 lbs.) and legal-sized flounder.


Keith, of Corolla Bait and Tackle, reports that surf anglers are catching sea mullet, croakers, and smaller flounder with bottom rigs.

Spanish mackerel and bluefish are within casting distance (especially on the 4×4 beaches) and hitting casting jigs and cut bait.

Nearshore anglers are sight-casting bucktails to citation-class red drum.

Trolling just off the beach has been producing ribbonfish, bluefish, spanish mackerel, and false albacore.