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Product Review- Cannon Optimum Downrigger

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The new Cannon Optimum Downrigger brings the One-Boat Network to life in trolling applications and fully integrates with Humminbird fish finders, Fish Hawk X4D System, a new mobile app, and other Optimum downriggers wirelessly. Whether on wirelessly connected Humminbird units, on the downrigger itself, or through the Cannon mobile app, anglers can raise, lower, and set trolling depths for the downrigger weights through the easy-to-use menu.

The Optimum Downrigger boasts a full-color, 3.5-inch display, and users will also be able to read surface temperature, as well as the true depth, temperature, and speed at the Fish Hawk probe. This information is critical for an angler to precisely present baits and put them on target.

The wireless integration of the new Optimum downriggers provides anglers with the ability to share sonar data across all units and display it on the ultra-bright screen, so you always have access to critical trolling data.

Cannon further simplified the rigging process with this wireless network and brought the ultimate in control with the ability to network up to four Optimum Downriggers. This wireless network unlocks features like Auto Up All to retrieve all your weights at once or one at a time. With Auto Up, users will experience control and connectivity like never before, along with the ease of installation and connectivity.

The new downriggers boast 250 feet-per-minute retrieval speed and come pre-spooled with 400’ of 150-lb stainless steel cable. The waterline zero feature keeps the weight a set distance below the surface of the water. Sudden stops at ascent and descent points are virtually eliminated by the Soft Stop feature by gradually slowing down your weight.

When anglers need to cycle the depth of the bait within the water column, the new Optimum allows for presetting depth and time intervals with Depth Cycling to give bait a more natural swimming motion. The additional Bottom Tracking feature is available with the Cannon Transducer accessory and adjusts the depth of the weight to automatically keep lines and lures a set distance from the bottom, so anglers have accuracy in bait presentation.

The new Optimum Downrigger comes in two models, the Optimum and Optimum TS, and both models are compatible with Humminbird SOLIX and second generation and newer HELIX models. Anglers can download the Cannon mobile app at the app store or visit for more information.