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Fish Post Flashback – August 12, 2004

  Fisherman’s Post is excited to add a Flashback image to our weekly posts. To read what anglers were catching near Wrightsville Beach in 2004, click here. Check back for next week’s Fish Post Flashback!

 Fish Post

Local Favor – Catch Modern Seafood

The local flavor of Wilmington’s Catch Modern Seafood isn’t just limited to the enticing menu, as diners are greeted not only by friendly host staff when they walk in the door, but handsome marine-themed metalwork and coastal photography adorning the bar and dining area walls by local artists (like Matt Davis of Marine Copper Design). […]

 Fish Post

Made In NC: Advanced Fishing

With just a few minutes left before the 10:00 pm registration deadline, a blue Jeep Cherokee pulled into the parking lot at the 2012 Pleasure Island Surf Fishing Challenge. The interior of the SUV was occupied by a collection of high-end surf tackle trumping the value of the vehicle many times over, with just enough […]

 Fish Post

The Boat Spot – Ethanol Issues

I’m excited to bring you a new feature for Fisherman’s Post Newspaper that will cover issues affecting nearly every boater out there. In the coming series of articles, I hope to not only answer questions you may have concerning your boats, but also raise your awareness of potential trouble spots before they become a problem. […]

 Fish Post

KMT Journals – When Sponsorship Becomes Partnership

The seemingly never-ending emails, phone calls, voicemails, questionnaires, contracts, and updates are only the beginning once your “Quest for Sponsorship” (see part 1 in the April 12 edition of Fisherman’s Post) finally becomes the partnership you desired. When you get the response you are hoping for—“Yes, our company has decided to work with you during […]

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