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Rapala Flat Rap

It all started with the Classic Original Floater from Rapala, and at first glance anglers can see the family resemblance with the new hard-flashing Flat Rap, but this new family member also has a few new tricks to offer. “The Flat Rap is really unique. It captures a little bit of a Shad Rap and […]

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Star Plasma Jigging Rods

Simply stated, these rods are the ultimate in jigging tackle on the American market, hands down. I have personally been avidly freestyle jigging for six years, and throughout this period of time it has been a constant struggle to find a jigging rod that is comfortable, durable, reduces strain/stress on the angler, and most importantly […]

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Penn Custom Shop

Bringing industry standards like the lever drag pre-set control and the built in strike drag setting to the fishing world in 1966, the anodized gold gleam of Penn International big game reels has been sparkling from sportfish cockpits and shattering world records ever since. The reels quickly became the standard in lever drag performance after […]

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M & M Marine

Shallow-water anglers are constantly seeking out an advantage that will let them more efficiently, quietly, and stealthily stalk their prey, whether they’re bonefish and permit, red drum and speckled trout, or other predators looking for meals in skinny water. This drive has led to massive advancements in the gear used to pursue gamefish on the […]

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South Chatham Dehooker/Vent Tool

The J-shape de-hooker has been a standard piece of equipment on commercial fishing vessels for many years, and the reason is clear cut—it’s simple, nearly unbreakable, and highly effective. Simply put, no tool is as effective at removing a fish from an angler’s hook quickly and without any risk to the angler as the simple […]

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