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Cofish Foul Weather Gear 2009

For the serious fisherman, bad weather is a fact of life. Even one who carefully watches the weather forecasts and fishes only on the nicest days will eventually find themselves facing a sudden storm or a forecast that is a long way from matching the actual conditions. And fishing only on the bluebird days will […]

 Gary Hurley

Sea Striker Quik Slides

Sliding sinker rigs are very popular among coastal anglers for a simple reason-they are effective. The rigs allow a fish to mouth a bait without feeling the resistance of a sinker, and they increase anglers’ sensitivity to strikes versus a fixed weight between the rod tip and bait. Unfortunately for anglers fishing a variety of […]

 Gary Hurley


In the past decade, purpose-made outdoor clothing has evolved from a simple T-shirt with a design related to the activity at hand into articles whose features both facilitate increased performance and offer protection at the same time. Perfect for NC fishermen in the dog days of our all-too-common Indian summers, the Woodhaven 3X Dry Shirt […]

 Gary Hurley

Clark Caster

Long a favorite of anglers trolling for spanish mackerel, bluefish, and other pelagic predators, the Clarkspoon has decades worth of limit catches under its shiny belt. The simple lure has an irresistible action when moving through the water, which accounts for the fact that it’s available in every coastal tackle store, and has a presence […]

 Gary Hurley

Shore Lure

Driven to create a versatile, high quality, and cost effective alternative to the Stingsilvers he’d been casting to bluefish and spanish mackerel in the Cape Hatteras surf, Steve Sedlacek began molding his own metal jigs in the late 80’s. Each time he and college roommate Jim Darges took another surf fishing trip to Hatteras, the […]