Tidelines: Notes from the Publisher’s desk

 Gary Hurley

Tidelines – September 29, 2011

I’ve often considered myself a very lucky man, and that luck I’ve enjoyed has come over the years in many ways. There’s the random luck, such as winning big or often at tournament raffles. Then there’s the luck that really is attributable to hard work (the “luck” of the success of Fisherman’s Post) or preparation […]

 Gary Hurley

Tidelines – September 15, 2011

King mackerel tournament fishing off the North Carolina coast in September means cooler temperatures, a good king bite closer to the beach, and hurricane exposure. This year we moved the NewBridge Bank Wild King Classic (presented by Fisherman’s Post) from early August (the 2010 date) to late September (the 2011 date). The cooler temperatures and […]

 Gary Hurley

Tidelines – September 1, 2011

Though the Fisherman’s Post office fared well throughout Hurricane Irene (only losing power for about 30-ish hours), and though all of our staff only suffered minor property damage (Eddie had a tree on his property fall lightly on a neighbor’s house, Max lost a sapling in the backyard, and I lost about a day and […]

 Gary Hurley

Tidelines – August 25, 2011

If the old saying is true, “A couple that catches big red drum together, stays together,” then my friend Capt. Charles Brown recently served as a great marriage counselor. Leslie, my wife of almost nine years, and I went up to Cedar Island (this trip was only about four days after I had been up […]

 Gary Hurley

Tidelines – August 18, 2011

The end of summer had me a little down in the mouth this past week, as I had to return to my other life (other job) where I am an English professor at Cape Fear Community College. After a week of meetings while facing the inevitable start of classes on August 15, I felt like […]

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