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Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman 2004

Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman Tournament The 2004 Cape Fear Disabled Sportsman’s Fishing Tournament, hosted by the Got-Em-On Live Bait Club, was a huge success again this year. There were over 220 disabled participants fishing Friday, May 21, 2004. Along with the large participant turn out, there was a record number of volunteers that helped keep […]

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Cape Fear Blue Water Open 2004

Cape Fear Blue Water Open This year’s Cape Fear Blue Water Open, sponsored by the Cape Fear Blue Water Fishing Club, had 27 boats fishing a clean Friday, May 14, and a sloppy Saturday, May 15. There were numerous fish weighed in every category (tuna, dolphin, and wahoo) and several billfish releases over the weekend. […]

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Rebel King Pier KMT 2004

The Rebel King Mackerel Pier Tournament had everything you look for in a pier king mackerel tournament: good weather, good conditions for fishing, lots of participants (over 60 anglers), and a king total on the weekend that went well into the double digits. The tournament, held May 7-9, was hosted again this year by Ocean […]

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