Inshore Trail Welcome


Welcome once again to the new look of the Fisherman’s Post Inshore Trail. We’ve completely overhauled the setup of the Inshore Trail from previous years, and we hope you enjoy this new format that promises more ways to win a lot more money.

Again this year, no longer is every boat automatically entered into the Inshore Trail. Boats can still fish any of the individual events, as the five Inshore Challenge events continue to be great stand-alone events, but this year boats will need to enter the Inshore Trail via an entry fee.

To be clear, you don’t have to pay the Inshore Trail entry fee to fish any of the five tournaments, but you will need to enter the Inshore Trail for the opportunity at an additional $27,000 in Inshore Trail prize money. That’s $27,000 in addition to all the prize money boats can win from the leaderboards of the five Inshore Challenge events.

There will be a Flounder Division and a Red Drum Division, and for each division we are limiting the field to the first 50 boats that pay the $300 entry fee (per division). Boats can enter one or both divisions, and that entry fee will qualify the team for Trail payouts in each of the five Inshore Challenge events (payouts that are in addition to the tournament’s leaderboard), as well as a chance to earn an invitation to the Inshore Trail Championship event.

Yes, for the second year now, we will be offering a separate Championship event, and only the top teams from each division will be invited to participate. The top 10 boats in the Red Drum Division and the top 10 teams from the Flounder Division will each be invited to fish in our Championship event, and this invite-only event is free to boats that qualify.

We’ll also be paying out the top Inshore Trail boats in each individual event—the top three Flounder Division boats at four of the events, and the top three Red Drum Division boats at four of the events.

So now the five Inshore Challenge events that we’ve hosted for years—Ocean Isle Inshore Challenge, Topsail Inshore Challenge, Wrightsville Inshore Challenge, Southport Inshore Challenge, and Carolina Beach Inshore Challenge—serve as both qualifying events for the Inshore Trail Championship and opportunities for Inshore Trail participants to win additional prize money throughout the season.

Qualifying for the Championship will be based on the total weight of your three heaviest fish from the season. There’s no minimum entry, as boats can fish as many or as few of the events as they wish, but those boats that fish more of the five qualifying events, of course, will have a better chance of weighing in more fish to improve on their heaviest three-fish aggregate.

Or boats can earn an automatic invitation to the Championship by simply being the highest placing Inshore Trail boat at a qualifying event in their division.

If you look at our payout schedule, you’ll see that 90% of entry fees go back to Inshore Trail participants via payouts. Based on 50 boats entering each division, the payout structure would be a total of $15,200 paid out over the five qualifying events and $11,800 paid out at the invite-only, no entry fee Championship.

The Championship will be held Sunday, September 15, at Inlet Watch Marina—that’s the day after the one day of fishing in the Carolina Beach Inshore Challenge.

This year there will be no deadline for signing up for the Inshore Trail, but none of a boat’s fish can count towards Inshore Trail points until after the Inshore Trail entry fee is paid. There are several ways you can pay the Inshore Trail entry fee (online, by mail, over the phone, and in person), so make sure you get entered in one or both divisions for this exciting second year of the Fisherman’s Post Inshore Trail.

With change often comes questions, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. There are more details on the Inshore Trail online at (click on “Tournaments” then “Inshore Trail”). You’re also welcome to call Fisherman’s Post at (910) 452-6378, or send an email to

Gary Hurley / Inshore Trail Director
(910) 452-6378