Pleasure Island Team Surf Challenge Welcome

April 20 – 22, 2018


We’ve wanted to do a spring surf fishing event on Pleasure Island for a number of years now, and the timing is finally right in 2018. Welcome to the inaugural Pleasure Island Team Surf Fishing Challenge to be held the weekend of April 20-22, 2018.

Yes, this spring surf fishing event is different from the fall one in that the spring event is a team-based event. Surf fishing has always meant camaraderie to Fisherman’s Post, and this spring you will be able to grab three of your friends and fish against other teams of up to four anglers.

Our wording of “up to four anglers” is to let you know that you are allowed to fish a team with less than four anglers, but the team entry fee is still the same price ($240/team) whether you have two, three, or four anglers, and no matter how many people on your team, each individual can still only fish up to two rods at a time.

In addition to making the spring event a team event, we’ve made other changes to help make this event unique in comparison to our other surf events. For this team event there will not be any weigh stations open around the clock. Teams are still allowed to fish from Friday midnight until Sunday at 11:00 am (one hour shorter than the fall event), but all teams will weigh in together on Sunday at Lazy Pirate (Carolina Beach), with scales open from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.

You can still fish the entire surf-side of Pleasure Island (except for around the two piers and the pipe/structure at Oceaneer), so make plans now to hit the shores of Freeman Park, Fort Fisher State Park, and all the municipal beaches in between.

Yes, Lazy Pirate is the Tournament HQ for this new event. We will be onsite on Friday signing up teams and placing wristbands on anglers, and then we all meet again at Lazy Pirate on Sunday for weigh-in, a complimentary awards dinner, and then the awards ceremony. Everyone on the island knows that Lazy Pirate is a good time, and the Lazy Pirate is sure to deliver great hospitality to surf anglers all weekend long.

Teams of up to four anglers will be competing in four main categories—bluefish, red drum, sea mullet, and black drum—and the leaderboard will be based on each team’s three-fish aggregate in each category. So if your team can place in the top five for the three heaviest bluefish or three heaviest sea mullet, etc., then there will be a big prize check for your team on Sunday.

And if your team can also weigh in one of the three heaviest aggregate weight totals (the total weight of a team’s single heaviest sea mullet and single heaviest bluefish and single heaviest red drum and single heaviest black drum), then there will be even more prize money headed your way on Sunday. That is, of course, providing your team entered the voluntary Team Aggregate TWT ($80).

So grab three friends, come up with a team name, and get entered. This is the chance for your team to say that you were the first-ever team champion of Pleasure Island.

Gary Hurley / Tournament Director
(910) 452-6378