Southport Inshore Challenge Welcome

September 8 – 9, 2017, at Southport Marina


Welcome to the 2016 Southport Inshore Challenge, an event we at Fisherman’s Post are thrilled to once again be bringing back to the Southport/Oak Island area (and especially to the beautiful setting of Southport Marina).

The local fishing community has been incredibly welcoming to this tournament in previous years, and Hank and the rest of the Southport Marina crew have also made us feel at home, so we’re excited to be back on the premises with our Registration and Captains’ Party on Friday, August 5, and our Weigh-in and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 6.

Flounder fishing has deep roots in the Southport angling scene, and in recognition, we’re continuing to offer a two-flounder aggregate weight event for the tournament’s primary prize category. An eight-place leaderboard awaits the teams weighing in the heaviest pair of up to two flounder at the close of Saturday’s weigh-in.

We didn’t want to leave the area’s red drum fishermen out, though, so in addition to the bounty available to the crews bringing the heaviest pairs of flatfish to the scales, there will be a Single Big Red Drum TWT (along with Single Big Flounder and Two-Flounder Aggregate TWTs) to add some impressive payouts to the hefty ones already available on the main leaderboard.

Junior Anglers are one of our favorite parts of this tournament and all the Inshore Challenge events, so we’ll again be offering a free Betts cast net to every Junior Angler weighing a fish in in the event (some of whom are accumulating quite a cast net collection). That’s on top of the $50 guaranteed bounty for the Junior, Lady, and Senior anglers scaling the heaviest single flounder in the event.

Other special prizes include a $100 SeaTow gift certificate for the heaviest single flounder weighed in by a SeaTow member, and a Bazen Custom Rods raffle wherein each team weighing in a fish (flounder or red drum) earns a free raffle ticket.

We strive to create a relaxed, family-friendly event, and in that vein teams are allowed to fish as many anglers as their boats can safely handle; use live, dead, or artificial baits; and weigh their fish in alive or dead without penalty.

Fisherman’s Post Newspaper is committed to conserving the resources that make events like this a possibility, so we’ll be awarding bonus cash payouts to all fish making the leaderboard that are alive and in releasable condition. We feel this encourages live weigh-in without penalizing those anglers who don’t have the ability to keep a large flounder or drum alive over the course of a full day of fishing.

Live flounder will be donated to the South Brunswick High School Aquaculture Program to further their unique research and education program, and funds generated from the tournament are going to the Wilmington Elks.

And in keeping with the tradition of our past Inshore Challenges, we strive to put on a big event instead of just a fishing tournament. The camaraderie with old and new friends at each tournament makes the weekend experience even more worthwhile—especially shared over good food and drink, and strong fishing action—and we can’t wait to see you at both Friday evening’s Captains’ Party and Saturday’s Awards.

Gary Hurley / Tournament Director
(910) 452-6378