Topsail Inshore Challenge Welcome

July 14 – 15, 2017, at East Coast Sports


Welcome to the 2016 Topsail Inshore Challenge, a premier red drum event that we’ve moved up in the calendar (previously held in August but this year in June) to try and cash in on the early summer red drum bite.

This will be a big money tournament, but ours will look different from other red drum tournaments. Fisherman’s Post prefers a more casual format, offering anglers the option to use live, dead, or artificial bait; not requiring a live weigh-in; and allowing teams to fish as many anglers on their boat as they prefer. We hope these relaxed rules encourage more people to join in on the fun and excitement of red drum tournament fishing.

As in the previous three years, Surf City’s East Coast Sports will be the headquarters for our Friday Registration and Captains’ Party (free food and drink for all), and we’ll be coming back to Sears Landing’s picturesque docks to weigh fish and enjoy a complimentary Awards Dinner (specially prepared by Hap and Sears Landing) and Awards Ceremony.

These two host locations are almost within sight of one another, and the generosity of the Medlin’s East Coast Sports family and Hap’s Sears Landing’s crew will be sure to make this yet another memorable Topsail Inshore Challenge. We thank them and the many local businesses whose support makes this event possible.

Like last year, participants will be able to weigh two red drum in to seek their spots on our eight-place leaderboard, as once again we’ve dropped flounder from the main board. The red drum focus means bigger payouts, since red drum anglers won’t have to share any leaderboard money with flounder anglers. Red drum leaderboard finishers will also receive a complimentary “red drum” edition Heck Wear bandana, and for those anglers fishing our Inshore Trail, this year both red drum weighed in can count for Trail points.

Our dedicated flounder enthusiasts, though, will be pleased to see that we have a Flounder TWT, and that flounder weighed in for the TWT will also count towards the season-end Inshore Trail point standings.

Single Big Red Drum and Two Red Drum TWT’s are also offered in the payout schedule for anglers looking to enhance their winnings beyond the substantial cash on our main leaderboard.

And as in years previous, Fisherman’s Post retains its commitment to releasing as many fish alive as possible, so the bonus payouts remain a constant—extra $10 payouts for each red drum (up to two per boat) weighed in alive and in releasable condition that makes the leaderboard.

We’re continuing to encourage teams to bring the whole family out by offering $50 bounties for the heaviest single red drum weighed in by crews with junior, lady, and/or senior anglers on board, and we’re also awarding a Queensboro-edition Fisherman’s Post hat/visor to the Junior, Lady, and Senior Angler 2nd-5th place finishers.

More special prizes include an East Coast Sports gift certificate for the heaviest fish weighed in by a SeaTow member and the Costa Weigh-In Prize where every team weighing fish receives a raffle ticket for a pair of sweet Costa sunglasses.

Just like with all of our inshore events this year, we’ll be partnering with the Wilmington Elks for volunteer support and then donating proceeds from the event to their organization.

At Fisherman’s Post we pride ourselves on hosting relaxed, family-friendly events offering exciting cash and prize payouts, so please come out to share in the camaraderie of Friday’s Registration and Saturday’s fishing, weigh-in, and awards. We hope you decide to join us, and we look forward to seeing the red drum (and flounder) that anglers bring to the scales.

Gary Hurley / Tournament Director
(910) 452-6378