Inshore Trail

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Trail Division: Red Drum (limited to 50 boats)

Trail Entry Fee: $350 per boat
Boats still must pay to enter each individual event, but boats will not have to pay entry fee for Trail Championship event.

Trail Points: Point system is based on weight of fish in hundredths (ex. 7.65 lb. fish equals 7.65 points). Top teams will be determined by heaviest point/weight total of three heaviest red drum over course of the Trail.

No Minimum Entry: Don’t have to fish all five events–fish as many events as you wish. Fishing more events, though, gives the boat the possibility of weighing in up to six red drum (dropping three). Your goal is three heavy red drum at the end of the Trail.

Red Drum Per Event: In the Ocean Isle Inshore Challenge, the Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge, the Southport Inshore Challenge, and the Carolina Beach Inshore Challenge, one red drum per event qualifies for Inshore Trail standings. In the Topsail Inshore Challenge,two red drum qualify for Inshore Trail standings.

Trail Championship Qualifying: Top 10 boats through Carolina Beach Inshore Challenge (heaviest three-fish aggregate) qualify for invite-only Championship. The top Trail boat in each individual Trail payout event also qualifies (maximum of 14 boats qualifies for Championship).

Trail Championship: This invite-only event will be held Sunday, September 13, at Inlet Watch Marina.

Trail Payouts: $15,750 (based on 50 boats), and Trail money is paid out through individual event payouts ($8,750) and Trail Championship ($7,000).

Trail Individual Event Payouts:
1st–$1000, 2nd–$500, 3rd–$250 (in all five events: Ocean Isle, Topsail, Wrightsville, Southport, and Carolina Beach)

Trail Championship Payouts:
1st–$3500, 2nd–$2250, 3rd–$1250

Family Friendly Rules: As many anglers on boat as you like, can use live or dead bait, and fish don’t have to be weighed in alive (check each individual tournament’s rules for a more complete rules listing).


Event #1
Ocean Isle Inshore Challenge: May 29 – 30, 2020 at Ocean Isle Fishing Center
Red Drum Trail Payouts:  1st-$1000, 2nd-$500, 3rd-$250

Event #2
Topsail Inshore Challenge: June 26 – 27, 2020, at East Coast Sports & Sloop Point Boat Storage
Red Drum Trail Payouts:  1st-$1000, 2nd-$500, 3rd-$250

Event #3
Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge: July 24 – 25, 2020, at Wild Wing Cafe & Wrightsville Beach Marina
Red Drum Trail Payouts:  1st-$1000, 2nd-$500, 3rd-$250

Event #4
Southport Inshore Challenge: August 21 – 22, 2020, at Southport Marina
Red Drum Trail Payouts:  1st-$1000, 2nd-$500, 3rd-$250

Event #5
Carolina Beach Inshore Challenge: September 11 – 12, 2020, at Inlet Watch Marina
Red Drum Trail Payouts:  1st-$1000, 2nd-$500, 3rd-$250


Invite-only: Must be one of the top qualifying boats in the Inshore Trail to earn an invitation to fish this event.

One Fishing Day: September 13, 2020, at Inlet Watch Marina
Entry Fee: No separate entry fee–your entry fee is covered by your Inshore Trail entry fee
TWT: A voluntary Single Big Red Drum TWT ($100) will be offered at the Captains’ meeting (the day before the fishing day)

Winners for Red Drum Division based on boat’s two heaviest red drum.

Championship Payouts: 1st-$3500, 2nd-$2250, 3rd-$1250
(based on 50 boats)


Please direct all questions to Fisherman’s Post at (910) 452-6378, or you can send an email to